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Ginkgo Solutions smooths the way for your arrival


Moving to a foreign country sometimes causes all sorts of stress and worries: How will we find a place to stay? Where exactly will we live? How do we enrol the children at school? How do we register for a doctor, dentist or optician? Which tradespeople should I contact to take care of repairs and home improvements?

In short, new beginnings may start off promisingly but can quickly turn into something of a nightmare.

However, there’s no need to worry - Ginkgo will take care of everything. We can help you with all the relevant administrative formalities, whether they relate to the business or the personal sphere, for both you and your family.

Luxembourg is a very welcoming, open, dynamic place, which is highly multi-cultural, with no fewer than 170 nationalities peacefully co-existing in a society where a ‘live and let live’ approach prevails.

Making a new start in Luxembourg?

Have you just arrived in, or are you planning to settle in the Grand-Duchy? Do you need accommodation for your family? To furnish your home? To enrol your kids in school? Or find a sports club? Ginkgo is here to offer you advice and support that’s tailored to your lifestyle and values.

Your comfort – and that of your nearest and dearest – is our priority


Naturally, you want your move to Luxembourg to be a stress-free, well-organized experience. It’s to ensure this that Ginkgo will be with you every step of the way.


Finding property for sale or to rent that meets your requirements (geographical location, family size, budget etc.). To speed up the entire process, we can carry out viewings of properties that meet your requirements and preferences before you even arrive


Arranging for a removal company to move your belongings from your current location to Luxembourg

Repair/decorating work

Organizing any repair, renovation or decorating work that needs to be done through our network of carefully-selected tradespeople

Administrative formalities

Taking care of the relevant administrative formalities for you and your family (social security benefits, tax affairs etc.)

Your children

Enrolling your children in the relevant educational establishments and nurseries, as well as looking for nannies and/or baby-sitters and domestic staff

Activities & Leisure

Signing you up to sports clubs, recreational clubs, social or cultural activities


Access to information on our network of GPs and specialists

Language classes

Language classes tailored to you and your requirements.


So, you’ve settled in with your family. Everything is in order in your private and family life…but what about your professional network? If you want to make contacts and meet new people who will bring business opportunities your way, you need a network.

Ginkgo also has a solution for this. Our familiarity with Luxembourg means we can guide and advise you on the different business networks you might join, depending on the kind of contacts you want to make.

Feel free to tell us what kind of social events and networking opportunities you would like to see us organize in our centres!

Get in touch

Have you questions about our services or workspaces? Feel free to get in touch!

We can also arrange for you to visit our premises.