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10 years is a beautiful symbolic anniversary for a company. Some would say it's the age of maturity, of hindsight, of consolidation. Ginkgo Solutions Facilities is, above all, a fine story, a daring project driven by a solid, visionary management team who have juggled creative daring with a keen sense of service to make Ginkgo Solutions Facilities what it is: a recognized company in the business center sector.

"10 years on, the passion for doing things right is still there! With these words, Barbara Brecko, Managing Director and co-founder of Ginkgo, answers the question of how such a symbolic anniversary feels. Because it's true that a project like this has to be carried at arm's length, against all odds, pandemic in mind, to go the distance. "In the beginning, 10 years ago, the idea was to develop a fairly innovative concept of comfort, flexibility and elegance to provide companies with work and meeting spaces located at strategic points in the city center," continues Barbara Brecko.

The affluent area around the railway station, and in particular the Avenue de la Liberté, was the obvious choice. The Corner, the first center with a breathtaking view of the former "Arbed Castle" and the Rousegaertchen, was born, soon followed by The Place, a 5-storey center in an elegant townhouse on the Place de Paris, and then The Avenue, on Avenue de la Liberté, also 4 storeys high, which inaugurated one of the capital's first coworking spaces.


"Coming to work and welcoming our customers in such beautiful, functional and well-equipped showcases is an immense pleasure," recalls Lisa Tisserand, The Avenue's first Manager in 2018 and now in charge of "The City" center (or site) at Limpertsberg. For if the Gingko concept is to be summed up in a nutshell, functional comfort is a must. And this is the secret to the success and longevity of the company, which now boasts 5 centers, 4 in the city center and The Southlane in Belval.


As part of our global workspace rental offer, this service completes our response to the ever-growing demand from companies who prefer to concentrate on developing their business rather than managing the sometimes burdensome and time-consuming daily routine of an office. "Our service to businesses is truly integrated with the famous Ginkgo Touch that will always make the difference. It's our duty to welcome our customers and their clients by remaining in the background, while offering a quality of service that's attentive, proactive and highly professional," confirms COO Virginie Huiez, who has been with Ginkgo alongside Barbara Brecko since its creation.


The famous "Ginkgo Touch" has also developed well over the 10 years of its success story: Whether it's gyms run by top-quality fitness, yoga and dance professionals, event spaces such as the incredible auditorium and lounge at Limpertsberg, the famous Boîte à Rêves (Dream Box) so beneficial in cases of stress, a cosy library to relax in between meetings and many other creative, relaxing or meeting spaces to go beyond the simple idea of a business center where you only come to work.


"This philosophy, these values of sharing, are an integral part of Ginkgo's DNA. To paraphrase a well-known message, our customers don't come to us by chance. That's our strength, our difference, our signature!" concludes Barbara Brecko with a smile. It's a safe bet that the adventure doesn't end here, and that Ginkgo will be full of creative surprises in the years to come.


Download our 10years flyer (PDF in French)



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