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Small, but packing a punch!


You’re starting out in business with a small team, but you don’t want to make the costly investment required to have your own premises just yet. However, you do want access to professional business services. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Small but perfectly-formed!

Whatever the size of your business, it deserves to be treated just as well as a major multinational! Professional reception staff, quality services, pleasant venues in which to receive clients and visitors - Ginkgo offers you all this, along with a range of business services relating to office administration, sales, events, marketing and more. Make the most of it!

A workspace that changes as your business changes

To begin with, you’re just a small team of two or three people. Over time, that team gets bigger and you set up new teams and departments. As your business changes and grows, Ginkgo is able to respond thanks to its plentiful supply of adaptable, flexible office spaces! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start doing deals!

You and nobody else!

Renting office space from Ginkgo gives you more freedom and agility. It’s one item and one item only on your forecast budget! This buys you room to manoeuvre – and peace of mind – to grow your business without worrying about paying multiple bills. Breathe easy, you’re in good hands!

Lending entrepreneurs a helping hand!


Ginkgo Solutions for small teams/firms offers:

Flexible contracts, with all operating/office expenses included
Flexible, adaptable workspaces
A welcome that’s tailored to your visitors
Telephony, direct line and terminal solutions
Help whenever you need it
Contacts, networking opportunities, community!










You’ll never be on your own, we’ll always be ready to welcome you with a smile!

As well as taking care of all the hassle associated with setting up an office, our workspace rental solution enables you to meet other entrepreneurs just like you, and other teams, with whom you can enjoy a coffee or lunch together and perhaps even swap ideas, share useful contacts or extend an invitation to an event.

A member of our team will always be present to offer you whatever assistance you need, welcoming you in the morning and bidding you goodbye in the evening,  greeting your visitors courteously and with professionalism, settling them in a comfortable meeting room. What’s more, when you’re away, there will be someone to take telephone calls and messages on your behalf, or to transfer any urgent calls to your mobile phone. Our receptionists are friendly, polite and fluent in multiple languages.

Lastly, we organize a quarterly get-together for tenants, offering a fun chance to meet up and enjoy some good conversation!

We will guide you, encourage you and support you as you try to grow your business! Why don’t you ask our clients – they’re our best advocates!

Contact us

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Call us on (+352) 28 488 1