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Would you like to work in a shared space?


Work with others, interact, network and exchange ideas in a pleasant, airy, well-lit environment! Welcome to our coworking spaces!

Work where and when you want

You’re free, mobile and working as a freelance! We welcome coworkers with open arms and our coworking spaces are open 24/7!

Pay for what you need and not a cent more

As a coworker, you can make the most of very reasonable rates that are precisely calculated and tailored to you – whilst still enjoying top-quality levels of service and a comfortable setting!

Equipment and services

If you need catering services, IT or audio-visual equipment, stationery etc, just ask!

Fast, secure internet

Benefit from a very fast, secure internet connection, enabling you to work with complete peace of mind.

Collaborative, professional workspaces

Our workspaces are absolutely state-of-the-art. At Ginkgo, settle down in a comfortable, roomy and well-lit coworking space.

Start to work now!

If you drop in unexpectedly, that’s not a problem – there’ll always be room for you! Make yourself at home, because that’s (almost) where you are!


Comfortable, welcoming and practical, our coworking spaces offer you the perfect workspace environment – airy and available 24/7.

Our coworking space : Le 13-15
From 5€/hour

Our coworking space : Le 13-15

Affordable and pleasant


A relaxed atmosphere that makes for meetings of great minds but also efficient working.

The 13-15 by Ginkgo is our coworking space located in our ‘The Avenue’ centre.

From just 5€ an hour, you can have full access to our coworking space and all its services and equipment/amenities during our opening hours, and access to your workspace 24/7.

In addition to the adjacent catering facility, the amenities waiting to be enjoyed include our ‘Dream Box’ power nap pod, the ‘new generation’ telephone box and the outdoor terrace should you want to step outside for a breath of fresh air and some time to yourself.

Contact us

Have you questions about our services or workspaces? Feel free to get in touch!

We can also arrange for you to visit our premises