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The opening of Ginkgo’s sixth centre "The City by Ginkgo" in Limpertsberg led to a thorough re-examination of policy at a company-wide level. Although Ginkgo’s regular clients have no trouble spotting those signature Ginkgo details when they travel between centres for a meeting or an appointment, we still needed to come up with a shared visual identity for our premises. With this in mind, Barbara Brecko, co-founder and Managing Director of Ginkgo, marshalled her team members and her partners’ resources to ensure that Ginkgo’s business centres were instantly recognizable.

A logo depicting a house really caught everyone’s imagination in the end – it was simple, clear and timeless. Ginkgo has certainly always placed a premium on client comfort in its centres, for example, with décors and layouts that are both user-friendly and stylish; but also on impeccable service which is friendly and professional to boot.

"Our clients often tell us how delighted they are to come back to their office after exhausting external meetings in often very impersonal venues. Our premises are obviously designed for professional use, but nothing stops us from doing our very best to ensure that our clients feel (almost) as if they’re at home!"
Barbara Brecko

Ginkgo’s little house will now figure on the signage of all 6 centres, each centre having its own specific colour. Over time, as people get to meet each other, a lively, friendly ‘Ginkgo residents’ community has grown up. We help each other, swap contacts and work together. It’s exactly this kind of ethos that Ginkgo wanted to instil in the Luxembourg business community.

Luxembourg is a great place in which to do business, with so many nationalities peacefully coexisting here. Ginkgo’s core identity is based in part on this wonderful example, the idea of effective working partnerships developing in what is, moreover, an attractive environment that’s been carefully designed to promote strong relationships between professionals. The adventure continues, with the ‘little houses’ throwing open their doors to new guests…


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